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Vishwa Patel

Junior Research Fellow


Research Topic

My work primarily focuses on understanding the effects of bottlenecks on Myxcoccus xanthus evolution, and how it influences behaviour of this organism  across the different stages of the life cycle, providing insights on life-history traits in nature.



Integrated MSc in Cell and Molecular Biology (2015-2020)

The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

Research Experience

 Master’s Thesis Project (May2019-Dec 2019)

PI: Dr. Nishad Matange

 IISER, Pune  
Project: Influence of genetic background and drug concentration on evolution of trimethoprim resistance in E.coli.

 Summer Intern (May 2018-July 2018)

PI: Dr. Minhaj Sirajuddin

InSTEM, Bangalore  
Project: Studying multi-motor transport in motor protein Osm-3 using DNA origami

 Summer Intern (May 2017-July 2017)

PI: Dr. Nishad Matange

IISER, Pune   
Project: Investigating effects of single point mutations conferring Trimethoprim resistance in E.coli.


Hello! Vishwa here! I come all the way from Vadodara,Gujarat. 

As my friends call me a social butterfly, trying to study the same trait in microbes! Talking about Science, I have always been fascinated as to how as Scientists, we have the privilege of understanding and knowing things about life (biologically, ofcourse) which no one knows about.This would be a cliche statement to make, but this simple thought is what motivates me to pursue science as a career. Little organisms have naturally attracted my attention always and thus opting for microbiology was never a doubt. So here I am, trying to get to know these tiny microbes a little better than before, hopefully. 

Apart from playing with myxo in lab, I like to spend my time making free hand designs and experimental cooking. I enjoy all forms of dances, especially Kathak and learning about different cultures across the globe!

 You can find me chatting with people all day in the lab asking stupid questions to annoy them. Feel free to ping me on Instagram or mail for any discussions, be it science or not, always up for a good conversation. Cheers!

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