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Vaibhav Sharma

Int. PhD Student


Research Topic

My work focuses on influence of phenotypic heterogeneity on adaptive evolution in prey-predator interaction system. I am also interested in the influence of predation on evolution of antibiotic resistance.



Bachelor of Science in Zoology (2018-2021)

Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi

Research Experience


Hey there! I am Vaibhav. I am currently an integrated PhD student at BEE lab. It all started in scholl when I first saw a tiny Paramecium flitting around in every direction under the microscope. That fascination got me hooked, first to microscopes, then to microbiology. So here I am, trying to understand the microcosmic world of microbes with experimental evolution.

When I am not in the noble pursuit of counting colonies in LB plates, I like to explore the subtle joy of being human, that is, poetry and literature.

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