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Saheli Saha

PhD Student


Research Topic

My main focus is to study the influence of Red-Queen dynamics on prey-predator coevolution and how this bacterial warfare influence de-novo evolution of antibiotic resistance. Besides this, I am  also interested in studying how predation by M. xanthus is influenced  by the abiotioc evironment and the genes that are directly or indirectly responsible for M. xanthus predation.



MSc in Biotechnology (2017-2019)

Utkal University, Bhubaneswar

B. Sc. (Hons) in Microbiology (2014-2017)

Gurudas College, Calcutta University

Research Experience

Master's thesis

PI:Dr. Sabuj Sahoo,

Utkal University, Bhubaneswar

Project: Synthesis and Characterisation of Ni-POM nano-composite for enhanced purification of His- tagged proteins

Summer Intern (May 2018- July 2018)

PI:Dr. Chandrama Mukherjee

Presidency University, Kolkata

Project: Cloning and purification of Mouse mRNA capping enzyme


PI:Samrat Chatterjee

Gurudas College

Project: Extraction and purification of Prodigiosin from soil isolates


Hello there! I am Saheli, a Ph.D. student at the Bacterial Ecology and Evolution Lab, IISc, Bangalore. 

Microbes exist in complex communities in Nature, where they engage in multiple interactions with other members of the community. The nature of these interactions may range from positive interactions like synergy, to negative interactions like antagonism. Hence, it becomes an absolute necessity to consider the influence of these interactions, to accurately decipher the ecological role played by an organism or to predict the evolutionary trajectories followed by the organism or a community as a whole. I am interested in studying the impact of microbial interactions on the evolutionary trajectories of the interacting partners, especially when both are involved in an evolutionary arms race.

When not in lab, I am either reading, eating, socializing or sleeping! I love travelling, meeting new people and am always keen on learning new things, scientific or non-scientific.

Feel free to drop a mail to know more about the exciting work we do here at BEE Lab.

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