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Prajwal Bharadwaj

Junior Research Fellow


Research Topic

My work focuses on studying the evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria under the constraints of predation. We aim to see  how multiple selection pressures together shape the evolutionary trajectory of a bacteria using genomic, metabolic and ecological analysis.



Bachelor of Science - Master of Science in Biological Sciences

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal (2017-2022)

Research Experience

Master's Thesis Project - Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Biology (April 2020 - July 2022)

Project                                  - Understanding movement dynamics of REPIN Transposable Elements in Pseudomonas genomes

Supervisor                           - Dr. Frederic Bertels

Summer Internship          - Indian Institute of Science (May - July 2019)

Project                                   - Characterization of the natural history of a pentatomid fig bug camouflaging on the fig syconium

Supervisor                           - Dr. Renee Borges

iGEM Project                       - Team iGEM IISER Bhopal (January - October 2019)

Project                                   - Synthetic Modification of E coli to have optimal growth at 4C

Supervisor                           - Dr. Apurba Lal Koner and Dr. Lavanya Bhagavatula


Brought up in cheerful and welcoming South Bengaluru, I grew up loving to play cricket, exploring the imaginative islands that spanned my home and reading books until I ran out of them.
I spent all of my 13 years of Education at my second home, the Kumaran Group of Institutions. For the most part, Kumarans really shaped much of what I am today. Joining IISER to study Science, really, in many ways, began the next chapter of my life.

When I'm not writing code to understand evolution of selfish genetic elements or planning experiments to study evolving bacteria, I like to test my courage and face kobolds and kraken while playing Dungeons and Dragons or I try to go for walks outdoors listening to podcasts. I definitely recommend listening to 'This Week in Evolution'(TWiEVO) a podcast hosted by Dr. Nels Elde and Prof. Vincent Racaniello.

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