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Nived Krishnan S

Undergraduate Student


Research Topic

My work tries to establish a model microbial community of three bacterial players that display some interesting population dynamics. 



BS Research, Biology Major (2017-2021)

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Research Experience

Summer Intern (2019)

PI: Dr. Mahavir Singh, Molecular Biophysics Unit, IISc Bangalore.

Project: Expression and Purification of a Type-III Toxin-Antitoxin System


Hi! I am Nived, coming from the Indian state of Kerala. Ever since childhood, I was captivated by living organisms of all kinds. However, it was only during my Bachelor's that I made up my mind to pursue the rich field of life sciences over my childhood friend, physics. And I've got to say, that was probably one of the best decisions of my life. The vastness of biology, the sheer amount of the unknowns, and the organisms of all kinds - cute or scary, slimy or furry, tiny or humungous; they all seem to be deep pots of sweet wisdom, and the fact that I cannot study all of them is something that I'm yet to come to terms with. My interests include ecology, microbiology, neuroscience, development, and so many. I also enjoy doing, umm.., stuff on my laptop - web designing, programming, and the sorts. I like gathering new experiences and would love to be a supporting character in the story of your lives. Thank you for reading this, and feel free to hit me up on social media for a chat!

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