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Ishita Gupta

Master's Thesis Student


Research Topic

My work focuses on the influence of the timing of bottlenecks during the M. xanthus lifecycle upon the evolution of its social traits. I am also interested in studying the effects of fluctuating environmental conditions on the social traits of M. xanthus and the role and evolution of phenotypic heterogeneity in bacteria.



Final year, Bachelor of Science - Master of Science in Biological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research - Bhopal, (2019-2024)

Research Experience


I have always loved science but I became interested in microbes in high school because of how cool fungi are. Intrigued by the profound interconnectedness of things in the natural world, I'm interested in understanding how organisms interact with each other and affect their surroundings. And I thoroughly enjoy the kind of wet lab experiments we do here.

I am committed to always being down for gaining new knowledge as well as picking up new skills, whether it's philosophy, history, psychology, art, cooking, or whatnot. And I care deeply about sustainability and mental health

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