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Bhoomika Ashok Bhat

Undergraduate Student


Research Topic

My focus is to look at the effect of co-evolution of M. xanthus and E. coli on predatory ability of M. xanthus.



BS (Research, 2017-2021)

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Research Experience

Intern (March 2019- Dec 2019)

PI: Dr. Deepa Agashe

National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore

Project: Antagonistic Pleiotropy of Carbon Resource Utilization in mutY DNA-repair mutant E.coli


Shifts in mutation spectra enhance access to beneficial mutations

Mrudula Sane, Gaurav D Diwan, Bhoomika A Bhat, Lindi M Wahl, Deepa Agashe bioRxiv 2020.09.05.284158; doi:https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.09.05.284158

iGEM (March 2018-Oct 2018)

PI : Sandeep Eswarappa

IISC, Bangalore

Project: Phage Shift


Hi! This is Bhoomika. A native to Honnavara, Karnataka, I am an undergraduate student at IISc. I am a Biology major, and have joined the BEE Lab for my Bachelors and Masters thesis project.

Animals and their interactions with each other fascinated me ever since my childhood. With time, microbes, their diversity and their “omnipresence” (if I can call it that) excited me immensely. This got me into microbiology. My first exposure to evolutionary biology was through my internship at Adaptation Lab, NCBS, through a project to look at antagonistic pleiotropy on carbon source utilization in E. coli. Around the same time, I came across the field of microbial ecology, the interactions among these microscopic organisms through some talks and through the Microbiology course at IISc. A bacterial predator like M. xanthus was something I had never heard of before and reading more about the plethora of ways this organism predates pushed me to pursuing this field. 

In my free time, I love to paint, read books and sing. I have been learning the Hindustani flute for the past 4 years and love to dance. I am usually always talking and love to meet and talk to new people!