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Bevan Stanley

Masters Student


Research Topic

I presently do Agent-Based Models, numerical simulations of non-linear equations, and writing the parallel version of algorithms for GPU.



MS Research, Biological Sciences (2019-Ongoing), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

B.Sc. Biological Sciences, (2016-2019), Bangalore University, Bangalore

Research Experience

Lab Rotation (2020)

PI: Dr. Nagasuma Chandra

Project: Preliminary Model for Thyroid Hormone Synthesis


Personal Background:

I come from a small town in Kerala. I am trying to do cool science while battling depression. The roads not taken are the ones I frequent. I am a polyglot, both with human and computer languages, and am proud of it.

Academic Background:

I hold a Bachelors in Biological Sciences and am working towards my Master's thesis.

I am fascinated by complex systems in nature. Their non-linear nature makes them beautiful. My dream is to do my part in figuring out how such beautiful systems work. An extension of the goal is to see how the micro rule I figure out can make equally beautiful and practical systems outside of biology. I prefer not to go down to the molecular level within biology unless there is an opportunity to theorize. It is the complex organisms like bacterial populations, termite mounds, and ant colonies that turn me on.

My hobbies include:

  • Listening to hours of music.

  • Practicing Kalaripayattu.

  • Trying to learn a new language.

Professional Experience:

Mediator, Science Gallery Bengaluru

  • 2020 Digital Exhibition PHYTOPIA

  • 2019 SUBMERGE: Exhibition on Water


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